Introducing the Mountain Ranger Survival Kit

Comes in the Condor Outdoor Tactical Pouch, full of survival item.


Compact Fishing Kit: The Compact Survival Fishing Kit is a great addition to any survival kit or outing into the wilderness. This quality kit includes the most used items, in sufficient quantities for emergency food gathering (survival fishing).

NATO Survival Whistle High pitched signaling whistle. NATO approved. One piece construction with lanyard hole. Bright orange.


Derma Folding Blade The Derma-Safe Knife is a light to medium duty cutting tool. The Folding Utility Knife is a pocket size carton opener, hobby knife, detailers tool, carving instrument, electricians tool and of course, survival knife.

Fire Starter with Flint

All Weather Survival Matches These NATO Approved waterproof matches provide an average burn time of 12 seconds and light even in the worst of weather! A fire starter is a great thing to have, but these matches are truly amazing and have life saving potential. Included are (10) matches.

3 Tinder Tabs These tabs are made of cotton and are great fire starters that aid in lighting larger fuel (wood), thus making recreational and survival fire starting less of a chore. Each tab is specially treated to ensure the cotton remains waterproof and will provide 2 to 3 minutes of burn time. Tinder Quik Fire Tabs are a perfect complement to a flint and steel fire starter or as an aid to get your fire going in less than perfect conditions.

BCB Signal Mirror Mayday Signaling Mirrors. This innovative mirror is lightweight, robust and approved for use in the military. It is highly reflective giving it a range of about 10 miles, for the compact and longer for the advanced. Designed for one-handed operation. By BCB International.

25 ft of Camo Cord

First Aid Kitc

Wilderness Survival Guide Full of Survival Info

Small Glowstick

LED Flashlight Super Bright LED Light

3 Safety Pins

Oven Bag - Very Durable and can hold water

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  • Manufacturer: Survival Kits USA
  • Condition: New


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